Located only 30 km away from the city of Varna, the “Albena” Resort offers its visitors an enormous beach at a length of over 3.5 km. and width going up to 150 m. Albena is a unique destination and provides prerequisites for the organisation and conduct of various conferences and business meetings, seminars, presentations, corporate events, international festivals, sports competitions, concerts, team buildings, beach parties, and exhibitions.       A unique combination of sea, sand, greenery, and quiet, the ancient Thracians used to call this region "The Valley of Spring" and the Romans later named it "Geranium" - meaning health. For millions of tourists worldwide Albena is the preferred holiday destination thanks to its golden sand, the endless beach, the gentle sea, the clean air, the pleasant hotels, and our traditional Bulgarian hospitality. For the past 50 years, Albena has been attracting visitors from around the globe to this heavenly corner of Dobrudja. An everyone who feels its magic is bound to return again - to rejuvenate and create new memories of sand, sea, warmth, and friendship... And to take home a memorable piece of Bulgaria. With its capacity to hold events such as seated gala dinners for over 1,000 people, with a 5-course menu, quality service, festive decoration, and a rich entertainment program, the complex meets all the expectations of its guests and clients. The resort has been awarded a Green Oscar for its contribution to the environment. Albena invests in energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling, and smart resource use. The company has built a local circular economy with biogas, agricultural production, and waste utilization.

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