The municipality of Pravets is a place with ancient history, rich culture, and preserved nature, which makes it possible to develop various types of tourism in its territory. As you enter the city you are greeted with breathtaking views of the picturesque lake and the majestic mountains. There are several hiking trails for ecotourism lovers with places for relaxation, picnicking and fun for the children. One of these routes leads to the ancient Borovets fortress over the village of Razliv - one of the oldest landmarks on the territory of the municipality and the other to the medieval church of St. Bogoroditsa near the village of Osikovitsa. Of great interest is the exposition with gifts received by the former Head of State Todor Zhivkov. It is located in the town of Pravets in the Museum Complex with his native house. However, before heading to these landmarks, be sure to visit the Pravets Historical Museum, where you can get acquainted in more detail with the different epochs of the development of the municipality. Pravets is the perfect place for congress, sports, festivals, and SPA tourism. In recent years we have established ourselves as a leading destination for congress tourism, because of the excellent facilities for organizing seminars, training, conferences, team buildings, etc. Here is one of the few championship golf courses in Bulgaria with an impressive 18 holes. There are also a number of cultural and sports events that attract visitors from Bulgaria and abroad. Some of them are the international music festival Mozart Holidays - Pravets. The opportunity to break away from the hectic and busy daily life is tempting more and more people. Pravets may surprise you with that as well. Here you can take advantage of the full range of SPA treatments, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, go bowling, paintball or enjoy singing fountains downtown, hiking or biking in the beautiful outdoors.   Via: The official website of Pravets Municipality

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