The Association

Bulgarian Association of Traders of Agromachinery – BATA AGRO is a professional organization that brings together companies, authorized by the manufacturer for import and distribution of self-propelled and attached agricultural machinery in the territory of Bulgaria. BATA AGRO was established in 2005 and today it represents some of the largest companies in the sector. The Association works for the development of import and sale of agro machinery for optimal environmental impact and all activities and factors on which its use depends. The association aims to create conditions for compliance with the principles of fair competition between importers of agricultural machinery to Bulgaria and their distributors in the country and actively assists the competent authorities in the decision-making process in the agriculture sector.


The Exhibition

The Specialized Agricultural Exhibition BATA AGRO is the largest project of the Association which takes place every year at Stara Zagora Airport. The fair has been organized since 2010 and today is the largest forum for the presentation of agricultural machinery, services, and agricultural products in Bulgaria. The exhibition traditionally introduces companies for agricultural machinery and technology, representing the world’s largest brands in the sector, irrigation systems, seeds and preparations, automotive and construction companies, consulting and financial institutions, and many others.

The next, 14th edition of  BATA AGRO will take place at Stara Zagora Airport from 16th to 20th of May, 2022.

The unique advantage of BATA AGRO is that it is held entirely outdoors and all visitors can see and test the capabilities of agricultural machinery in real, field conditions by observing the demonstrations of machines and test drives. Experimental crop fields are also being cultivated, through which companies trading in seeds, fertilizers, and plant protection products present their products in the best possible way. Farmers can compare crop results, depending on the treatment used.

The following branches are represented on BATA AGRO:

  • Agricultural machinery and equipment (tractors, harvesters, mowers, sprayers, fertilizers, seeders, headers, trailers, harrows, cultivators, strawberries, mills)
  • Irrigation systems (irrigation, drip irrigation)
  • Wood and wood processing
  • Seeds, PPPs, and fertilizers (seeds, nurseries, landscaping, gardens)
  • Greenhouses and greenhouses
  • Fodder industry (silos, thermal control, feed, forage harvesters)
  • Financial institutions (banks, leasing)
  • Consulting services
  • Measuring instruments (scales)
  • Cleaning equipment (water-jets, steam cleaners)
  • Repair equipment
  • Warehouse equipment
  • Construction components, construction equipment
  • Tools, spare parts, and consumables (oils, filters, bearings, fuels, tires, wheels)
  • Cars (cars, trucks, pickups, tractors)


The latest edition of BATA AGRO in 2021 registered a record in terms of exhibition space and number of visitors – 187 companies participated in nearly 40,000 square meters exhibition area. The exhibition was attended by 20,634 people.

As of 19th April 2021, all formats of live events are allowed on the territory of Bulgaria, following regulations for maximum indoor capacity (based on the size of the room) and masks wearing. For more details and advice, please feel free to contact us at

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